Investment Areas

Traditional Investments

Eleaur Funds

Eleaur concentrated its efforts to create for its clients attractive solutions that are based on Eleaur’s expertise combined with the best-in-class service by Eleaur’s partners. Eleaur also created a line of its own investment funds together with leading asset managers, where Eleaur remains an advisor regarding the allocation strategy of these funds.
Eleaur Patrimoine Flex Fund is an investment vehicle that is managed by Lazard Frères Gestion. A fund of funds, the objective of the fund is to achieve minimal volatility while targeting an annual performance of about 7%. The fund benefits from strong flexibility and reactivity driven by the arbitrage managed by Lazard.

Other Traditional Investments

Eleaur advises its clients regarding traditional investment products, either through funds or via direct investment in equity or fixed-income. Through its strategic partners, Eleaur is well positioned to identify investment opportunities for its clients based on their investment profile and risk appetite.

Alternative Investments

Private Equity

In a financial world where creativity holds a major role in circumventing a more ordinary and uncertain offer market, private equity could be considered with rigor. Eleaur has strict specifications to overcome the lack of information in a new field and ensure the added value of new companies. Monitoring is rigorous in order to maintain ongoing flexibility and arbitration.

Hedge Funds

Eleaur proposes a hedge funds solution that makes it possible to overcome standard results as well as the inherent risks of this sector. Hedge funds are studied with discipline and control to ensure a unique selection among the best global funds in their category.

Real Estate

Eleaur is often requested by its clients to advise on real estate transactions, either in the context of a family looking to sell or buy a property related to its business, personal transactions or purely as a financial investment.

Eleaur works closely with a network of real estate experts around the world to optimise each transaction’s outcome.


Investment diversity would benefit from some allocation into gemstones. Eleaur’s involvement in this investment area is done by collaborating with some of the world’s leading experts in gemmology. Eleaur organises meetings between these experts and potential investors to facilitate the understanding of this unique investment and to enable dialogue to discuss the various available options.


Eleaur offers its clients unique support to enable them to become aware of opportunities to purchase works of art. In close relation with rare sourcing, the proposed works of art can be screened by off-market subjects based on the discretion of the sellers to control the value of their offer as a “privilege”. Similarly, Eleaur advises regarding sale prices and on the best timing.