Our values

Eleaur’s key values include doing its utmost to provide each family peace of mind, best-in-class advice, confidentiality and transparency.


Peace of mind

Eleaur’s ultimate goal is to make its clients feel secure and comfortable. Eleaur is committed to understanding the history and objectives of each of its clients in order to accompany them in all aspects of their wealth management, family’s stability and growth.

Best-in-class advice

Eleaur uses the best specialists in all investment areas to provide the best solutions for each and every client. Eleaur’s modus operandi is typically to collect all the relevant information for a given situation and optimise the final advice after reconciling the information from the various sources. In addition to the obvious areas of financial and investment advice, Eleaur would also integrate in its advice an evaluation of areas such as family vision and objectives, the future transition to younger generations, as well as fiscal and tax optimisation.


Discretion is a key value for Eleaur, which runs deep in Eleaur’s DNA and fundamental principles. It is our personal pledge to each client. Over the years, Eleaur succeeded in building strong relationships with each of its clients thanks in large part to its high standard of ethics, confidentiality and discretion.


Eleaur’s clients can request anytime an explanation of the actions carried out on their behalf, and challenge them. We find such an exchange beneficial as it helps us to better understand the client’s concerns, needs and perspectives. To that end, we provide regular updates and propose periodic or ad hoc meetings, so that each client would feel informed and comfortable about the handling of his wealth.