“We make a living with what we receive, we build it with what we give”.

Winston Churchill

The ELEAUR Group prioritizes ​​its values ​​in its desire to search for answers to reinforce the place of ethics and respect at the heart of society. The ELEAUR Group undertakes projects and speeches by its President Thierry Brunel. The goal is to advance the human and humanist causes in a universal spirit, to bring tangible results and to improve concretely the conditions of lives of individuals.

The philanthropic approach for ELEAUR is,an objective which is applied very regularly by targeted actions. Moreover, it is a question of transforming the decided actions by diffusing them for a more important and effective awareness.

“To accompany the human in the development of his skills and his confidence”

Thierry Brunel created in 2016 a Luxembourg Foundation and a French Endowment Fund:

Eleaur Les Guepards

The endowment fund ELEAUR – LES GUEPARDS

ELEAUR-guepards_RVB_whiteBG-logoThe endowment fund ELEAUR – LES GUEPARDS has a vision in support of people who are both gifted and hyperactive. These people are qualified by the specialists of “exceptional doubling”. They are therefore able to act very fast, too fast, and longer than others. They can carry out several tasks in parallel and trigger a long, effective, but also tiring day rhythm.

This fund aims to:

1) To contribute to the civil, military, French and European administration, as well as representatives of the private sector, in making better use of the potential of these individuals. As such, develop the practices already in place in other countries.

2) To facilitate their integration into society and their well-being, and in particular to act as a volunteer counselor to public and private HRDs in the prevention of psychosocial risks.

3) To promote, especially in Francophone countries, in coordination with the State Secretariat for Development and Francophonie at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, the republican ideals of tolerance, non-discrimination, solidarity and solidarity. Equal opportunities, linked to the universality of these profiles, irrespective of country and origin.

Annexe to the Document

Mise en page 1Sensitive and talented adults at work. How to find your place at work and flourish

Written by Thierry BRUNEL and Arielle ADDA,

ODILE JACOB editions
Released on February 4, 2015

The first book on sensitive and talented adults, the result of a long associative experience: an instructive reading that provides an explanation of the place of sensitivity in human relations, the need to be oneself in everyday life more harmonious. It is a book that accompanies and facilitates a phenomenon of society: the quest for meaning and the freedom to be oneself today, in a world that has become more anxiety and complex.

Press Kit – Sensitive and Gifted Adults at Work (PDF)


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