Our Services

For Families

Eleaur serves as the family’s Chief Financial Officer, supporting the family in a variety of wealth-related activities, including the coordination and advising on strategic, business, financial and operational issues. But Eleaur is more than just a financial advisor. We help our families to define and execute their vision with their personal values, so that those can pass on to the next generations. This usually means a holistic planning of family goals and roadmap optimisation based on the profile of family members, as well as the education of younger generations.

Regarding wealth management, we coordinate the many aspects of the family’s financial world, giving our clients a peace of mind. This includes advice in the areas of investment, financial and tax planning, risk management, real estate strategy and insurance.

With our team of experts and our network of external advisors, we use an independent, multidisciplinary approach to wealth management, which helps families to sustain and develop their wealth.
Our diversified expertise covers virtually all traditional and alternative investment areas, including funds, real estate, private equity, art, gemstones and philanthropy.

Beyond everything else, Eleaur is dedicated to a family’s long-term interests, by using an uncompromising code of ethics, a rigorous process and personal attention to family members.
We promote a culture of engaging all family members with the responsibilities and opportunities that come with wealth. This strengthens significantly the family’s foundations and resilience.

Family Businesses

With respect to family businesses, our advice ranges across various areas, namely:

  • Crafting strategies based on family priorities
  • M&A at optimal pricing
  • Business transformation
  • Transition to new generations
  • Creation of foundations
  • Exit strategies

Value Added

  • Free audit of current investments and businesses
  • Weekly reports and synthesis of qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Business transformation
  • Optimised portfolio diversification
  • Investment planning “outside the box”, tailored to investor objectives and priorities
  • Negotiated lowest commissions with banks, insurers and intermediaries
  • Representation at board meetings and vis-à-vis other parties (lawyers, accountants, etc.)

For Corporate Treasurers

Eleaur offers corporate treasurers a variety of funds and other investment solutions, which carry a relatively low risk level with above-average returns. Eleaur’s funds are managed by Eleaur’s prestigious asset manager partners: Lazard Brothers and Rothschild.

Eleaur’s advice to each corporate treasurer is tailor-made, based on analysis of the corporation’s investment strategy, financial goals, risk appetite and applicable regulatory environment.

For Executives

Eleaur proposes various financial products to executives, including investment funds, life insurance products, capitalisation contracts and alternative investments. In many cases, the financial and tax optimisation may lead to investment products in other jurisdictions.

Eleaur also supports executives with their overall financial planning, using a holistic approach and coordinating the advice with other professionals, including tax advisors, accountants and legal counsels.

For Companies

The multi-disciplinary expertise of Eleaur’s team enables it to advise companies on numerous areas, transactions and development projects, including strategy renewal, investments, M&As, business transformation and digitalisation.

For Foundations

Eleaur offers foundations a variety of funds and investment solutions, which carry a relatively low risk level with above-average returns. Eleaur’s funds are managed by Eleaur’s prestigious asset manager partners: Lazard Brothers and Rothschild.

Eleaur would work together with the foundation to formulate its investment strategy, based on the foundation’s vision, financial structure, liquidity needs and risk appetite.

For Entrepreneurs

Eleaur advises entrepreneurs on various issues during the different stages of the project:

  • Early stage – concept validation, product configuration, initial strategy, company’s structure, team composition, legal issues, market testing
  • Post-product stage – fund raising, hiring, finding market-product fit, product adjustment or pivot, launch strategy, marketing strategy, sales goals, company culture
  • Post-profit stages – fund raising and capital structure, adjustment to “growing out” of start-up phase, adjustment of company’s management and roles, expansion to other countries, marketing and sales strategy